Today Dollar Rate in Delhi

Today Dollar Rate in Delhi

The currency market is a highly fluctuating market which is open across all countries all through the week. With the different time zones, the currencies are traded at different locations though with online information, one can convert the currency at any time of the day.

Dollar being the base currency is most traded and the currency rate not only upon the volume of trade but also on economic factors. Since the rate fluctuates, the currency rate is decided at the time of the transaction while checking the prevailing real-time rates. The rate once frozen is to be abided by irrespective of the movement of the currency. You can check the real-time rates on the Myforexeye App. This provides as a reference when converting your currency to another currency.

To initiate the process of conversion, one has to simply fill an online form which would help us to understand your requirement and we would revert to you with the best possible exchange rate. If the volume is on the higher side, we provide risk advisory services to ensure that your realization rate is met with once agreed upon. Since the currency movement is not just intraday but with seconds one can see a change in exchange rate, we provide with these advisory services to tackle this fluctuation.

Our Money Changing Service ensures that we exchange the currency with complete transparency and at competitive rates. What exchange rate you see our website is sourced directly from our information provider like Reuters. So instead of Today Dollar Rate , we get the present (current) dollar rate.

As we deal with 16 currencies, we not only offer USD/INR rate but also other currencies like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, etc for travel to other countries too. Each currency quotes separately and if one has to convert Indian Rupee to Euro, one has to multiply USD/INR and EUR/USD rates.

For eg. If you want to convert INR 100,000 to EUR, and USD/INR is at 68.35 whereas EUR/USD is at 1.1650; then you would get 100,000/(68.35*1.1650) = 1,255.844 Euros.

Many a times banks quote EUR/INR rate = 68.35*1.1650 = 79.62775

They generally quote a higher than prevailing rate and mention a low margin. So one has to check the prevailing rate to ensure the conversion is done at the right rate.