Foreign Currency Exchanger

Foreign currency exchanger

Foreign Currency Exchanger

 Foreign currency exchanger ensures the currency is converted at the right rate which gives confidence in dealing with the money changer. Trust is further developed when the service is re-iterated with every single transaction. Myforexeye Fintech Pvt Ltd is a foreign currency exchanger pioneer in forex technology services. In order to convert the currency at the right rates, the real-time rates are quoted. Irrespective of the movement of the currency post that, the Foreign Currency Exchanger executes the transaction at the deal price. The technology gets the price closer to the client and there is complete transparency in this process. It is important to exchange the currency which is agreed upon after checking the real-time rates as the currency market is open all through the weekdays and there is high fluctuation on the rates quoted. We source our information directly from Reuters. This helps in understanding the right rate which is given by the foreign currency exchanger.

If one is going on a holiday or on a business trip overseas, the foreign currency is exchange at real-time rates. We offer buying or selling of sixteen currencies services along with a multicurrency forex card. The transfer of funds is also possible through our Myforexeye App. This provides for the convenience of doing a transaction anytime. The currency exchanged is at lowest transaction cost. The foreign currency exchanger provides convenience by delivering currency at your door step in less than four hours.

With the influx of funds through venture capitalists, the company is spreading its wings fast. We should have 60+ branches in 3 years by 2021. This will help to service more regions and provide faster service of currency exchange near you. Thus the turnaround and delivery time should get reduced considerably. Apart from money exchange in Mumbai, we should have many more branches soon to service clients across India.

Myforexeye – foreign currency exchanger is authorized by RBI so there is no chance of frauds or delivering counterfeit currencies. This is done through proper accounting and submission of documents as required by the authority.