Forex trading is the concurrent buying of one currency and selling another currency. The foreign exchange market is a global over-the-counter or decentralized market for the trading of currencies. A currency’s value can be pegged to another countries currency, such as the U.S dollar, or a basket of currencies. A countries currency’s value can also be set by the country’s government.

All currencies are quoted in currency pairs think about the pair as a solitary money related instrument – for instance, EUR/USD. The euro is called the base currency. The US dollar is called the quoted currency. Estimating the base currency against the quoted currency makes a Forex quote. When a trade is made in forex, it has two viewpoints – someone is buying one currency in the pair, while another individual is selling the other.

Broadly, in the forex market, we think of money as a commodity. If you are selling, you are betting that the currency you are selling will weaken in comparison to the currency you are looking to buy. For example, let’s take the euro as the base currency and thus the “basis” for the sell. If you believe the European economy is slowing while the United States economy remains strong, you would execute a sell EUR/USD order. By doing so you have sold euro in the expectation that they will depreciate against the U.S. dollar.

When we examine EUR/USD or any other currency pairs in your trading terminal, you will be able to see two numbers – the bid and ask prices. For example, EUR/USD bid and ask price for today are 1.1438/1.1440. This quote implies that you can purchase one euro for 1.1440 US dollars, because that is how much the bank is requesting – the ask price. Alternatively, you can sell one euro by for 1.1438 US dollars – the bid price.

Sell Foreign Currency (Base currency in exchange of the foreign currency) arises with foreigner visiting India or an Indian with leftover foreign currency since their last foreign trip, in case of speculator betting on foreign currency will go down, and if firms buy foreign currencies in advance of foreign exchange transaction with an expectation of depreciation in foreign currency against the base currency.

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